Cremated Remains

W C Littleproud Cremated remains

At the time of making the funeral arrangements, it is not always easy to realise the emotional benefit that is gained after the funeral by having somewhere to go - a place for you and your family to go back to - knowing that a loved one is there.

Today, most churchyards and cemeteries have a separate area solely for Cremated Remains - most of which allow you to mark the grave with a small headstone, tablet or vase.

We will be happy to advise on how to make the necessary arrangements.

Gallery of caskets and urns for cremated remains

Scattering of Ashes

Some families prefer to privately scatter their loved ones ashes at a location of personal significance such as a favourite woodland , a sporting venue such as a bowling green or golf course or even overseas at a favourite holiday destination.

wcl scatter tubes


Memory Bears

Memory Bear from W C Littleproud & Son

Loss of a loved one at any stage of life is traumatic. Whilst words are good, some people find holding objects or keepsakes helps.

We have our Memory Bear to help families at this very traumatic time, the bear pictured here has a zipped pocket specifically design to hold the ashes, keepsakes or mementos of a loved one.

The bear is 17 inches (47cm) height and can be adjusted to a sitting position so it can occupy a special place in the home. Contact us for more information.


Unusual Ideas

Other options for cremated remains can include being turned into jewellery, perhaps a ring or pendant or even placed into a firework or complete firework display.

wcl fireworks wcl ring wcl ear rings wcl pendant

These are just a few ideas that we can advise on.