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Our Funeral Fleet

Jaguar XJ Hearse & Limousine

To complement the rest of our services In July 2014 we introduced to our fleet the new British-built Jaguar-based hearse and limousine. The all-aluminium Jaguar XJ -based vehicles were supplied by Wilcox Limousines and are finished in a traditional black.

These vehicles are the ultimate in luxury and style, being remarkably smooth to ride in and fully
air-conditioned for passenger comfort. The hearse and limousine remain traditional in appearance yet feature the biggest facelift of a Jaguar model in over 45 years.

The Limousine is also available to hire for weddings.

First Call Vehicles

wcl first call cars

Our main first call vehicle or otherwise known as a removal vehicle is a Ford Galaxy. This vehicle is adapted and equipped solely for conveying the deceased from the place of death into our care and is finished in silver making it very discrete. We also use a Black Vauxhall Vectra if needed but mainly used for general duties.

Victorian Horse Drawn Funerals

wcl horses

Without any doubt the most elegant way for a loved one to travel to their final resting place. This has become increasingly popular over the last decade. There is a choice of either a team of two or four immaculately presented Black Belgian Friesians Horses. These can be used for a cremation service as well as a local burial.

Alternatively, you may prefer the white carriage and white horses as seen below.

WCL white carriage and horses

Land Rover Discovery

wcl range rover

Our Land Rover Discovery is available as an alternative to a limousine and comfortably seats
6 adults although more suitable for younger, more agile passengers. It is also used as a support vehicle when carrying out horse-drawn and other specialist funerals. The Discovery gives us access to almost any location regardless of weather conditions allowing us to offer a complete service under all circumstances.

Bespoke Vehicles

We are also able to provide something very different, giving the opportunity to customise your final journey. Here are some examples:

1958 Volkswagen Split Screen Pickup Hearse - Exclusive to W. C. Littleproud & Son

This vehicle originates from America and has recently been fully restored. It is available to hire through East Anglia exclusively through W. C. Littleproud & Sons.

Alternative Bespoke Vehicles available through W. C. Littleproud & Son

wcl vintage truck
Vintage Truck

wcl vintage tractor with trailer
Vintage Tractor and Trailer

wcl motorbike and sidecar hearse
Motorbike and Sidecar Hearse

Shire Horse & Cart

Volkswagen Funerals

VW funerals 01

Volkswagen Camper Van Hearse.