W C Littleproud woodland

Green Burials

W C Littleproud Green Burial Coffin

There is a steadily growing demand for environmentally sympathetic 'green burials'.

The nearest burial park of this type is Greenacres Woodland Burials – Colney, on the outskirts of Norwich. Colney is an established burial park of mature trees. There are others in East Anglia (and further afield) but some feature new plantations rather than growing woodland.

There are several choices of casket available - from willow to environmentally acceptable cardboard and wood pulp.

We will be very happy to advise customers on this alternative choice of burial and help you make the necessary arrangements.

Willow Wicker Coffin

wcl willow wicker coffin

Bamboo Coffin

wcl bamboo coffin

Both the Bamboo & Willow Coffins are suitable for cremation as well as burial.