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Monumental Stone Masonry

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Monumental Stone Masonry

Monumental Stone Masonry

As part of our commitment to the bereaved we are pleased to offer the services of a stonemason. Although we are not stonemasons we act as memorial consultants, being able to give good advice on the regulations applied to churchyards and cemeteries and many aspects of monumental masonry.

A memorial in stone is a lasting tribute to a loved one. It is important, therefore, that before making a decision you are fully informed on the various factors of which may affect your choice.

All memorials are supplied locally by an independent family business H. Brett & Son.


Things to consider

The Location

Both the design of the memorial and the material from which it is made will be to some extent governed by the regulations which apply at the churchyard or cemetery in which it is to be placed.
If the stone is to be placed in a public cemetery the local council may have provided you with an outline of the regulations when you purchased the grave. If not our staff will be able to advise you.

If the stone is to be placed in a churchyard some general rules below apply:

  • kerbing, statuary and books are not permitted
  • marble or polished granite are not permitted
  • black granite is not permitted

The Wording

The choice of wording on a memorial can be the most personal thing of all and much thought should be given to this, but the memorial should above all reflect your own memories and what you wish to say about your loved one.

In addition to words, you might also wish to have a drawing or emblem particular to the person remembered. Our skilled craftsmen will be able to reproduce almost any design you wish according to the stone you choose to produce a truly unique memorial.

We are also able to advise you on the style of lettering for the memorial, a roman font is a classic choice. A heading in old English can be very distinctive, while Italics might be used for a quote from a poem or the bible.

Granite Memorials

Granite is igneous rock and is the hardest of all the materials which we use. It comes in a variety of colours depending upon those minerals present at its formation. It’s often sparkly texture derive from its high quartz content. Our general range in Fine Black, Red, Blue Pearl, Dark Grey and Light Grey Granite can be finished with a high polish or a less reflective honed finish.

Marble & Nabresina Memorials

Classic Italian white marble has been used for statues throughout the ages. The pale grey veining of marble is instantly recognisable. Its hard wearing nature is a result of its metamorphic creation. Nabresina (also known as Crown Stone) has a similar finish durability to marble but is creamier and flecked with colour. Both Marble and Nabresina are perfect for deep carving.


A tough fine-grained rock, slate has a distinctive matt finish. A familiar dark grey Welsh slate or the grey-green variety from the Lake District make a good traditional choices for a headstone.

Once you have chosen a design and decided upon the wording and illustration that it should carry, our craftsmen will work to the highest standard to ensure that the materials, the artwork and engraving are the best that they can possibly be.

All our memorials are individually made and the lettering hand finished so that your memorial is a unique and fitting tribute to your loved one.

We will also ensure that the stone is properly erected on a concrete foundation with due care and dignity and respect to the person which it commemorates.

We are always happy to carry out home visits if requested.