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Music & Hymns

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Choosing the right Funeral Hymns

Because all funeral hymns differ in their popularity and familiarity of the words and tune, we would suggest that you make your initial choice of hymns based on your own knowledge of the deceased and the circumstances of the death. This combined with the knowledge and past experience of the minister involved will help you to make your selections.

To assist you further please see our list of popular hymns. If you believe there are some funeral hymns of particular importance or significance that we have omitted, or perhaps you have a particular favourite which you think should be included in our funeral hymns collection, then do please let us know. 

Personal Music

Sometimes specific pieces of music can be played as the coffin is carried into and out of the church. Many families now request personal music via CD to be played at both crematorium and church services. However, personal music in church must be approved by the Rector or Vicar conducting the funeral.

In most circumstances we are able to obtain the music of your choice if you are unable to source the music yourself.

All our local crematoria now offer Obitus Media facility (a system that downloads music and visual tributes via the internet similar to iTunes). Therefore they are able to play virtually any music you may wish to listen to and produce a photo/video stream viewable during the service. Most of the crematoria also offer a webcast to live stream the service worldwide. We can advise you how this operates when arranging the funeral.