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White Dove Release

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White Dove Release

There is no easy way to say goodbye to a loved one, sometimes words just are not enough.

Sometimes comfort can be found in the symbolic gestures like the releasing our loved one’s spirit and watching it fly on the wings of a dove… free and at peace, and carrying with it all the love of family and friends.

A popular way of marking the passing of a loved one, whether requested by the deceased before death, or a close family member afterwards. The white dove, of course, has been seen throughout the ages as a sign of peace; as such, it brings a very poignant and serene tribute to a very emotionally charged day.

Following a service, the gathered mourners can see a beautiful white dove displayed in an ornate cage, waiting to carry the spirit of their loved one high into the skies above. A few words are spoken to explain the symbolism, and then a touching verse is read to the congregation before the dove is taken and passed to a close member of the family.

Speak to us about the release of white doves at the graveside or at the crematorium.